The damage and health hazards caused by carpet soil

Soil damages carpets

It’s amazing, really, how well a carpet stands up to the often terrible treatment it receives from us.  It appears to spring back after every footfall, it resists being permanently marked as we drag chairs and furniture across its fibres, it hides most of the dry soil it accumulates really well, at least for a while, and it seems to cope with our home cleaning attempts after we spill Friday night’s red wine and spicy food.

However, it’s fighting a losing battle.  The soil trapped between a carpet’s fibres is usually abrasive, and if suspended in oily deposits, clings closely to fibres in a  kind of cutting paste.  Each time a foot or furniture leg presses down upon it, it can score and abrade the fibres it contacts.  Over time, this will lead to a permanent change in appearance - usually a dulling or greying of colour as light is scattered by the scored surface of each fibre.  On top of that, as those fibres are worn away, they will begin to lose their natural spring, or resilience, and will begin to lay flat.  It’s why you can often plainly see the high traffic areas in a carpeted room.  Once damaged, there is little that can be done to restore your carpet’s looks and pile. 

Soil can be unhealthy

All that soil can be a health hazard.  Some facts:

  • 75% of us walk on carpets with our outside shoes on.
  • 90% of us will eat food that has been dropped on the floor.
  • Our carpets are likely to be thousands of time dirtier than our toilet seats!

Bacteria, pollen, other allergens, pet urine and faeces, dust mites,  organic compounds, and even some of the chemicals people use to try to clean up a spill, can have an adverse effect on your health, and especially on our children’s.  They tend to sit, crawl, and play on carpets, so come into regular, direct contact with its soil much more than we do.  They can inhale allergens, or ingest germs and other hazardous substances as they play on the floor.

In addition, all that soil can begin to smell as its organic constituents begin to break down and decompose over time.  Carpets can be a major source of unpleasant odours in the home! A proper professional clean using an additional deodouriser and sanitsing treatment will remove the dirt, the germs and the smells from your carpet.  We include a free deodorising and sanitising treatment with every clean!