Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpet soil doesn't just make your carpet look dull and dirty, it can damage it as well!  Small particles of soil rub against your capret's fibres as people walk over them, cutting into the filaments so that, eventually, they break and are shed.  It can also make them appear dull and prematurely old.

Regular cleaning helps to reduce this type of damage, keeping your carpets in tip top condition.  Ideally, a clean every six to twelve months, depending on carpet type and traffic levels,  will ensure your carpets always look their best.  It will add years to the life of your precious investment as well.  This is how we do it:  

Step 1 - pre-inspection

We undertake a careful inspection of your carpet to identify what it is made from, its construction method, and the level of soiling. This enables us to select the correct cleaning method for your carpet type. If there are any spills or stains that will require specialised removal, we will let you know.  We will also advise you if there are any stains that may resist even the best cleaning attempts.  

Step 2 - dry soil removal

Using a specialist vacuum, we remove as much dry soil as possible.  This helps to ensure the best possible final result.

Step 3 - pre-spraying

Working in sections, we apply a pre-spray over the whole carpet,  using a machine to agitate it deep into the pile.  We usually leave the chemical to dwell in the carpet for a few minutes.  This begins to break down the soil in the carpet so that the next stage can remove it more easily.

Step 4 - hot water extraction

We now perform the hot water extraction.  After adding suitable cleaning agents to our heated water (determined by the pre-inspection), along with a FREE odour remover and sanitiser, we go over the carpet slowly, injecting hot water at high pressure deep into the carpet pile and then immediately extracting it, along with all the soil, using powerful suction. This leaves your carpet surprisngly dry, and smelling fresh and clean.

Step 5 - spot and stain removal

We now check to see if there are any spots or stains still remaining, and perform additional cleaning to remove them.

Step 6 - pile grooming

We then groom the carpet so that its pile is set in the same direction and any "wand" marks are removed.

Step 7 - drying

Finally, we may position a fan in the room to help speed up the drying process.    Normally, depending on the depth of the pile, the ambient termperature and humidity levels, and the nature of the cleaning required, you can expect a carpet to be quite dry after a few hours.  For the carpet to be fully dry, though, usually requires an overnight drying period. 

Signing off the job

After  we have finished cleaning, we will inspect the carpet again with you to make sure you are satisfied.